I absolutely love hosting the Super Bowl party each year. Although I do like football, that is not why I like hosting the Super Bowl. I love to decorate! And with unique do-it-yourself templates and crafts I can affordably show-off my decorating skills. Decorating and creating a festive party room is the best and most fun part about hosting a party. Here are some of my favorite Super Bowl and football themed DIY templates and food ideas.

Super Bowl Invitations - Click here for Super Bowl LII Invitations 

These cute DIY invitations come ready for you to edit and print. Also, try our one of or free templates just to see how easy they are to edit. You can print these from home using card stock that is at least 80lbs, or you can request the designer to put them in a JPG format for printing from places like Kinkos or Wal-Mart. If you've never edited or used one of our Microsoft Word templates, now is a good time to read our previous post about how to edit them and try one of our free templates just so you can see how easy they are to edit.

Super Bowl LII Invitation Templates

Football Pennant Banner and Wall Décor - Click here

Aside from the TV, the food table will get the most attention. Decorating the table and the area around it is a must! This football banner is perfect for going above the table or in front of the table. Using a handheld hole puncher and some string or ribbon, this banner will be ready to use in minutes. Included with this banner are large size football and helmet images that can either be tapped to your wall or hung from your ceiling using string. These templates should be printed on card stock that is at least 110lbs.

Football Flag Pennant Banner

Football Water Bottles - Click here

Now, I know what you are thinking? “No one drinks water at a Super Bowl party!” You may be partially right, but you should always be safe and have different type of beverages for your guests. To add a little football uniqueness to your party, you can use these cute water bottle labels on both standard size and mini water bottles. All you have to do is download and print on card stock that is at least 110lbs.

My DIY Designs Football Water Bottles

Football Cupcake Wrappers and Toppers - Click here

Who doesn’t love sweets at a party? Super Bowl or football themed parties are no different. Cupcakes are the perfect sweets to have because they can be eaten by hand as opposed to cakes or pies, which requires a spoon or fork. This easy DIY template will add cuteness to your sweet table. This too should be printed on card stock 110lbs or heavier.

My DIY Designs Football Cupcake Decor

Football Popcorn Boxes, Treat Boxes and Food Trays - Click here

These popcorn and treat boxes are very useful for not only popcorn but also little snacks such as M&Ms, Gummy Bears, Pretzels, or any other type of little snacks that your partygoers would want to grab and go. For other non-liquid or finger foods such as chips or hotdogs, these food trays would be the perfect addition. Like the water bottle labels, I recommend printing them on card stock that is at least 110lbs.

My DIY Designs Football Popcorn Boves My DIY Designs Food Trays

Football Themed Food

Keeping in mind that finger foods are the best type of food to have for Super Bowl parties, here are some of my Pinterest Pins that I thought might be useful.

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As a DIY enthusiast, I am always creating, designing and finding new ways to make my parties and events unique and entertaining. For your next Super Bowl party, add your own touch of uniqueness with DIY templates and decorations. 

Happy DIYing!

Updated December 10, 2017

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